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Recycling facilities distributed on a regional basis

The map below shows the distribution across Italy of the recycling plants that collaborate with RICREA. These form a network of companies specialised in the valorisation of steel packaging waste. They carry out a number of important operations after the waste has been collected, starting with selection through magnetic systems, to separate steel from fractions of different materials. Other steps then follow, such as cleaning, crushing or volumetric reduction and the removal of tin (if necessary).
These plants are classified as OPERATORS, which handle various types of packaging (tins, cans, drums, straps, etc.), producing a material ready to be remelted in a steel mill, and REGENERATION plants, specialised in the restoration of drums and small cisterns in order to make them reusable as new packaging.

By clicking on the region it is possible to obtain the complete list of the facilities in each province, and relative master data.



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