Entering into an agreement

The agreement is between the RICREA Consortium and the Municipality, or delegated subject, aimed at the recovery of steel packaging as implementation of the legal provisions provided for by Legislative Decree 152/06 and the ANCI-CONAI FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT.

Steps to follow to enter into an agreement

  1. Design a Separate Waste Collection system that also includes the collection of steel packaging waste (see ANNEX G to the agreement text for a list of examples);
  2. Provide for a system to separate the various materials if the Separate Collection is carried out together with other types of packaging;
  3. Provide a storage area for depositing the material: collection is guaranteed with a full load, i.e. a minimum of 15 tons, unless otherwise agreed between the parties (returning the material throughout the national territory is ex works, loading on vehicle included);
  4. Check for the presence of impurities in the accumulated material (it must be less than 22% for the Contract to be stipulated); the fee paid by RICREA is proportional to the percentage of impurities contained (percentage that identifies 4 quality bands);
  5. Take a look at the steel packaging Technical Annex and the text of the Agreement;
  6. Submit an official request to enter into the Agreement by certified email to the address ricrea.pec@consorzio-acciaio.eu. The request must contain:
    DELEGATION FORM (and any SUB-DELEGATION FORM) duly completed by the municipalities to which the service is provided;
    – The INFORMATION PROSPECTUS, duly completed with all the required information.
  7. The Agreement is completed by the RICREA Consortium, then forwarded for viewing and approval by the Partner;
  8. At the same time, RICREA notifies the Partner of the company that will collect the material (Assigned Operator) and send it to be recycled;
  9. Article 17 of the text of the Agreement lists the details and methods for invoicing.

NB: It is possible to contact the RICREA technical area at any time, to obtain information or clarifications on the procedure for entering into the Agreement, by calling (0039) 02.39800837 or by sending an e-mail to ufficio.tecnico@consorzioricrea.org