Sustainability and savings indicators

Thanks to the implementation of the “CONAI LCC Platform”, it is possible to monitor the environmental performance of RICREA and of the various supply chain consortia, according to a methodology that includes indicators structured on 5 levels:

  • Physical-economic indicators, referring to the boundaries of CONAI management and independent management
  • Physical-economic indicators referring to the borders after the expansion of the system
  • Environmental benefits from avoided impacts
  • Economic aggregation in homogeneous categories
  • Specific indicators of the supply chain

According to the analysis of the preliminary data provided by RICREA for the year 2021, the following environmental benefits were achieved*:

  • 450,000 tons of raw material savings
  • 6,625 TJ of primary energy savings thanks to the recycling of steel packaging
  • 539 tons of CO2 eq avoided

* (RICREA data on LCC Conai processing, Direct and Indirect Management)

They are best represented in the graphs below: